Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MAY 2011

MAY 2011

Kes helps to wash and pack duck eggs for Blue Hill NY

Sather prepares 2 panchetta and a guanchale


Sather prepares an amazing birthday dinner for me!
A french'd pork loin roast


a birthday wish.
miss you pops.

the green house is getting ready for the baby's.

We grill up some sausage that arrived from Eagle Bridge Custom Meats. Chorizo and Sweet Italian.

Shoni helps spread cow manure in the garden


Grandpa Memo found this morel under one of our apple trees!!

It's warm enough for no clothes!


We adopt 3 spayed feral cats from Animal Kind in Hudson.

We move all the chickens up to the field.
Unfortunately a hawk seems to know they are up in the field and we are not. Hiro get to work!

A view from the house. The lilacs have bloomed.

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