Monday, February 28, 2011



another blizzard

everyone is sick of this weather

K makes a beautiful sculpture. Ha!
happy valentines day!

Sather set up a new area in the East field for the new pigs. Last fall we had to brush hog, plow and seed this field to prepare for these pigs arrival this spring.
We seeded Mangels ( an old fashioned beet ), Oats, Vetch and Peas. Nothing took very well in the Fall, as we seeded pretty late, but only time will tell what will come up when the snow melts.
Sather had to shovel out a 32' x 48' area which had a solid 2' of snow as well as a 60' path from the road. To get the pigs from the truck to their new house, I had to pass two pigs out at a time and Sather shuttled them to the pen.
With some whey and grain, they are getting settled in pretty quickly.

These new arrivals are Red wattle / Old spot, Red Wattle / Large Black

these are VERY good looking pigs!

and curious

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