Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Sather prepares a pate de Campagne for Thanksgiving

Two of the Hampshires get a last meal before being loaded up

Kestrel and I try to figure out what we need from the Farm at Millers Crossing winter CSA pickup
We decide to get 5 lbs. each of red and white onions, 5 lbs. beets, 5 lbs. sweet potatoes, and 5 lbs. carrots.

The new Wattles move out into pasture
Some pink pigs are in the forest behind them two paddocks over

Kes walks the fence line with me and checks on the Wattles on their first day out in the pasture. They have a training section of fence for a month or so, but you never know what could happen on the first day out. A pig or two can sometimes get so excited that they decide to ignore the electric fence.
Behind Kes is a paddock with the Berkshire litter, and behind them the pink pigs.

Molly takes us to an art show in Schenectady about subversive sewing. We thought this was appropriate. I am looking for the artist's name and will post later

Me and Freia enjoy a warm evening
being silly - those damn sheep are in the road again!

The pink pigs move into the South side of my garden. We left a lot for them to forage. Beets, carrots, tomato's, and they seem happy to till it!

Kes helps to load up a pig.

It's taking a while, but she is very patient this morning.

Baking cookies for Thanksgiving.

We visit Hawthorne Valley Farm and found a new mom munching on a baguette.

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